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The hospitality industry in Europe represents a formidable generator for the European economy in terms of output, employment and development. The entire sector is made about 2 million businesses, of which about 90% are SMEs (small and medium enterprises), and directly employs 10.2 million people across the European territory. The turnover in the hospitality sector is over € 1.0tn, representing approximately 8.1% of total economic output, with a gross value added of the sector more than € 460bn, equal to 3.7% of GDP.

The 28 European countries have a total of over 1.8 million companies including both accommodation hotel and non-hotel, that companies active in the food, catering and food service. The distribution of these companies varies widely within Europe, and has the highest abundance in Italy with about 307,000 enterprises, Spain with 287,000, France with 252,000, Germany with 217,000 and Great Britain with 128,000 businesses.

The market for the sale and purchase, rent and lease of hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars in Europe is essentially characterized by certain limitations that Hospitalityseeker.com ™ intends to mitigate, bringing tangible benefits for all those involved in the HORECA sector.

Despite the high presence of hospitality properties, selling and marketing hotels, residences, beach villages, motels, bed&breakfasts, country houses, and restaurants, pubs, bars, café, fast-food, wine bars, and in general HORECA businesses is still characterized by unsophisticated methods and approaches, which do not take into account the power of recent enabling technologies.

Beside this, hotels and hospitality and food service businesses represent a particular class of commercial properties, far different from other commercial assets, requesting thus a completely different approach, more professional and qualified.

Due to the shape of the national hotel markets, mainly focused on major historical cities and small and medium urban and sub-urban centers - where there is a high concentration of hospitality assets - it results often difficult to marketing and selling these properties in an effective way, because of this fragmentation and dispersion.

Added to this it is that in many European countries, businesses are independent and do not form part of groups, with a low concentration of individual owners and a multitude of small and micro enterprises.

Another relevant aspect is the lack of specialized professional real estate agents, with a specific knowledge on these assets and in the hotel and food service field. Many vendors who need of identifying appropriate agents find them hardly, especially local brokers with experience in secondary cities and rural areas.

Hospitalityseeker.com™ represents an innovative business model on the market, acting as an efficient, professional and safe tool for all those involved to a different extent in the European hotel, hospitality, food service and leisure real estate markets.

Hospitalityseeker.com ™ aims to make a tangible contribution to the increase of transparency, ethics and professionalism in the market for the sale, purchase, the rent of hotels, restaurants and pubs in Europe, becoming the reference point for all professionals, businesses and tourism entrepreneurs and hospitality, together with national trade associations.

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